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When I began as a consultant with Norwex in 2009, I wanted to see a visual demonstration, so,

I developed the TestSwab chicken test.  I then began to share the TestSwabs with fellow consultants, so you too could have the same great tool at your presentations.

I personally used TestSwabs to demonstrate at all of my own Norwex shows.  My customers were continually amazed by the instant results.


 I have tested the Testswabs on 10 continuous surfaces covered with ground beef;

 Using the same exact surface of the cloth:

 Testing these types of cloths on 10 continuous surfaces:

                Norwex Enviro cloth - came up CLEAN and GREEN

                Discount store microfiber cloth - FAILED

                Cotton cloth - FAILED

 There was no cross contamination with the Norwex Enviro Cloth.

I have also tested egg, peanut butter around the toilet for urine, and got the same great results.

    Please only use the Norwex Enviro Cloth to demo, as it is the cloth Norwex has lab tested and is used in a hospital setting.  I never told customers that Norwex is the only cloth on the market that will remove protein, as I do not know what all other cloths will do.  I only know that the enviro cloth passes a 10 surface test, and that I have yet to find another cloth that has done the studies and makes the claims that Norwex makes.  We are not trying to disprove any other manufacturer of a cloth or a chemical based cleaner, we are only showing the amazing results you can get when using the Norwex Enviro cloth.

The test is a 10-minute test, meaning any results after 10 minutes are not accurate.  When you go to a show always take your swabs home with you as to not confuse the customer, sometimes the green test swabs will turn grey in time, which is not an accurate reading of the test.

    Swabs will lose sensitivity if left at room temperature.  
    TestSwabs must be stored at refrigerated temperatures (2-8°C)

    Take them out on the way to your show, and allow them to come to room temperature   
     Before using them.  Do NOT freeze or leave in a hot car.

Each TestSwab has an expiry date right on the swab.


Watch the Norwex compliant video to see how easy it is...