TestSwab Directions


  1. 1. Remove swab from test tube and swab surface.  Swabbing motion should be in a 4 x 4   inch square while rotating swab or a random motion that ensures a good sample collection.
  3. 2. Place swab back in test tube.
  5. 3.Break plastic snap valve at top of swab by bending bulb.
  6. Squeeze   bulb twice, pushing liquid reagent down swab shaft.
  8. 4.Shake test for 5 seconds.
  10. 5.Reading should appear within 2 minutes. This is a 10-minute test;
  11. disregard any results after 10 minutes.


  •  TestSwabs must be kept refrigerated.  Swabs will lose sensitivity if left at room temperature.  Take TestSwabs out on the way to your show, and allow them to come to room temperature before using them.
  • Do NOT freeze or leave in a hot car.
  •  Each TestSwab has an expiry date right on the swab.
  •  Swabs should be kept sealed in a plastic bag with a few drops of water inside.

TestSwabs detect protein on surfaces indicating the presence of protein residues. Residues remaining on surfaces after inadequate cleaning provide nutrients for bacteria to thrive.


TestSwab Shelf Life

 Shelf life for swabs is approximately 12 months at refrigerated temperatures     (2-8°C)
 4 weeks at room temperature (21-25°C)   Do not freeze.



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